See what our Upstate South Carolina clients are saying

Came out on short notice. Treated the inside and outside of our house and inspected the yard for fire ants. Fair price for great service. Awesome job from a good guy.

Curtis E.

Ryan was our pest guy when we lived in SC and was so accessible! He made sure visits worked for my schedule, took his time doing the job correctly, and made himself available when we had pesky ants find their way into our house. Funny guy too. I would recommend R & R Pest Defense with two thumbs up.

Mindi S.

Dear Sir or Madam: Mr. Ryan Barrick serviced my home in the Carolina Country Club of Spartanburg, South Carolina for close to a decade until I relocated to Murrells Inlet. Ryan knew more than virtually anyone I have ever encountered on matters both concerning the prevention of pests and their extermination when I encountered issues relating to temperature change and the pests relating to these climate shifts. Of equal if not more import, though, I highly recommend Mr. Barrick as a man of the highest integrity and family values resulting in my trust and respect of him as a person. The quality of Mr. Barrick’s work is exemplary. He knows how to contain and prevent ants from visiting bathtub and sink areas when the summer heat attracts them to come inside out of temperatures exceeding the 90s with 100% humidity. Winter brings different challenges such as small palmetto bugs and ear pinchers. Young children and pets make these naturally occurring pests a safety concern. Although I had a contract with a large service for Ryan to service my home just once a month, he provided me his cell’s text up front and came at a moment’s notice on several occasions. He worked discretely, professionally, efficiently and effectively to eliminate the most puzzling of challenges in the most friendly and unobtrusive fashion seamlessly allowing family life to continue in the most positive fashion. Bees proved to be the second most challenging pest problem in my screened-in porch area. They were both dangerous and scary to our family in the summer. They seemed to come out of nowhere and take over barbecues and our favorite family pastime of Sunday Night Dinner. Ryan not only crawled under tight spaces below our deck to locate wasp nests but also discovered in my crawl space under the home (a space not in our contract and one where most would not dare to venture) a humidity problem and water leak that was causing mold and could have led to expensive and critical foundational damage to my home. He found a quick and inexpensive fix of a humidifier that he personally monitored and emptied when he could have sold me an expensive alternative that was needless. As a single mother at that time, I was a sitting duck dependent on the advice of professionals. Mr. Barrick realized this and cared about my family and me as if we were his own. He truly lives by the honor code of a long-term business relationship because he always placed the long-term value of continued respect and trust above the short-term temptation of easy profit. I will be forever grateful to Mr. Barrick for his undying commitment to protecting my home and my family’s health and financial well being. Another scenario that unfolded and completely blew me away was when I found moths in my pantry. He systematically tried the least invasive and intrusive solutions of strips on the walls to simply attract and eliminate the problem. When problems continued, Ryan arrived in a jiffy and worked with me to throw out any rice, pasta or carbs so pervasive in the pantry of moms with small children who love mac-n-cheese, fruit roll ups, potato chips, etc. He stayed for several hours helping me to analyze and get rid of any culprits. He even brought to my attention date stamps on foods that had expired and had been unopened like teas and bottled drinks! Mr. Barrick checked a wrap-around storage area off my son’s playroom religiously in a space that was too short for even this 5’2” petite mother. He also pulled down the steps of my upstairs attic that I never visited living there for close to a decade on a monthly basis. In addition to going the extra mile both in and outside to monitor and prevent creatures indigenous to this area, Ryan’s greatest value is the love and respect he has for children and animals. My 5 year-old son adopted a shelter pup that was terrified of men and anyone older or bigger than a child. I found Ryan on the floor of my living room with a dog treat I had given him to make friends with Snowball in hand. He knew to look away from the dog with the treat extended remaining crouched below her eye level. In no time, the dog that barked hysterically at any male with a baseball cap on was delightedly nibbling Pupperoni out of Ryan’s hand. She wagged her tail excitedly anytime he arrived and would follow him around with her tail uncharacteristically untucked and ears perked up as if to say, “It’s ok, Mom, he’s a good egg!” Ryan’s gentle and respectful manner also won the hearts of my son and all of his pack of pals that consistently roamed in and out of the house especially during the summer. He can talk video games, sports and trampoline with children of all ages. Mainly, though, Ryan worked quietly, quickly, and unobtrusively to get in, get out and get done so that we hardly knew he was there. I came to consider Ryan a true friend and find him a true family man – his wife is a very talented piano teacher, devoted wife and mother, and his daughter is a great student and young lady. I often encouraged Mr. Barrick to start his own business due to his genuine love and expertise of his field. Given his innate and exceptional people skills, Mr. Barrick is a person who personifies the kind of person we trust and feel comfortable having in our homes. Ryan became part of the fabric of our community and our families. The sky is the limit for this professional in my humble estimation and I look forward to seeing his new business thrive! I highly recommend Mr. Barrick